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Mixing & Mastering for Artists


The sculpting of your raw recordings and individual stems into a mix that enhances your unique sound.


The  final processing of your already mixed songs to achieve "radio ready"  perceived volume & increased clarity across a variety of listening  environments.


Shuhandz Audio was established by artist, producer, and engineer David Suchan (Shuhandz).  Our studio is located in a purpose-built studio in the Blue Ridge Mountain countryside. Working closely with a number of labels, artists, and producers we are particularly experienced in mixing and mastering  all forms of electronic and dance music.

Although the tools and  techniques for mastering have changed hugely over recent years, the  general principles remain the same.  At SA our primary concerns are providing masters that:

  • sound better, not just louder,
  • convey the original intention of the artist, producer and engineer,
  • stand up against the very best releases, and translate on all systems.

With over a decade of experience, you can rest assured that your music  will be treated with the utmost respect, mastered with care and  meticulous attention to detail, and all at a competitive price.

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Bookings / Contact: david@shuhandz.com